An elementary-aged Bible Curriculum, Online Adventure
and Musical Encounter for the Next Generation.

  • “Dean-o’s new curriculum combines rich Bible teaching with engaging music and an interactive computer adventure – a genius way to grab the attention of this generation’s learners! They were left captivated and wanting more.”

    - Kalyn Peterson, Assistant Principal, Aliso Viejo Christian School

  • “Whether their faith is emerging or growing, they are learning to break apart the “words” in the Word! Phrases and ideas that can be difficult to comprehend become real, tangible, and applicable to their world.”

    - Megan Henderson, 5th Grade Teacher, Summit Christian School

  • “My whole team is IN LOVE with this dynamic curriculum! From the online adventure—to the colorful design and creative activities in the books—students are captivated in a brand new way to know and believe God’s Word.”

    - Gina Stott, Principal, Bloomington Christian School


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